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BeautiNow features more than 2000 perfumes with over 200 leading brands.

Who Are We? From Perfume Cabinets to Our Own Online Store

Our venture into this fascinating realm began with a simple collection cabinet. As we became invested in exploring the stories and emotions associated with every bottle of perfume, we understood how special it must be to create one’s own story.

One of our founders illustrated it perfectly with this story:
“I received my first luxury perfume as a gift from my mom. It was only then that I realized the magnificence of high-quality perfumes. Soon after, I became fascinated with collecting fragrances, so my mother and I bonded over our shared love of perfumes. Even now, trying out a new perfume makes me feel closer to her."

Finally, in 2021, we decided to take a step forward. We transformed our inspirational collection cabinet into an online store that now serves as a bridge between perfumers and fragrance. We showcase a wide variety of magnificent artistic creations; truly the best that niche perfumery has to offer. As a group of niche perfume enthusiasts, we recognized the importance of accessibility and affordability, so we prioritized them at every step.

Our Motto is to be Effortlessly Unique

Setting oneself apart from the crowd is not an easy feat in today’s commercialized era. When we find that special something, it can be heartbreaking to sacrifice it for the sake of cost-effectiveness.

At Beautinow, we believe that we are all born unique. The idea that achieving uniqueness is an expensive and time-consuming process is inherently flawed. We do not want you to give up on your desires and be someone else because of exorbitant pricing. Everyone deserves to feel unique effortlessly; it should not be a luxury or an aspiration.

Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to be the harbingers of change.

We Offer Niche Perfumes at Affordable Prices

Beautinow was founded as an attempt to help everyone discover their authentic selves, with fragrance being a reminder to hold on to one’s uniqueness. We firmly believe that finding the right perfume may seem like a small step, but you can be sure that it will lead you down the right path.

Our professional team has extensive knowledge of perfumery and fragrance, which allows them to select only the crème de la crème for our customers. We are devoted to sourcing the best and the widest range of niche perfumes because we want to minimize our customers’ efforts when they desire that special fragrance.

More importantly, we offer authentic perfumes at competitive prices. With years of experience in wholesale under our belt, we have managed to optimize the supply chain to lower the cost, hence relieving your pressure when investing in your own uniqueness.


Niche perfumes are fragrances created by smaller boutique perfumeries. These types of perfumes often use high-quality ingredients and are more unique in scent than mass-produced fragrances.

You may wonder why go for niche brands if you can go for popular designer scents? The truth is, there's really no reason to choose between them. Designer fragrances offer notes that are generally loved and oftentimes highly accessible. After all, who doesn't love an iconic Chanel Nº5, Acqua di Gio or Miss Dior? Yet, we can recommend any fragrance lover to also consider niche brands, as they allow you to choose your fragrance from a wider range of scents. Moreover, if you really want to smell different than everyone else during a party, then niche perfumes will allow you to have your own 'signature scent'. Keep it a secret though as everyone at the party will ask you what you're wearing!

When it comes to niche fragrances, the rule is to never buy before you try! After all, most niche fragrances come with a premium price tag. So you really want to make sure it's a fragrance that you're gonna wear. Luckily, you can now browse our collection of fragrances that have a sample option. More over, we Beautinow also offers monthly fragrance boxes and sample sets of individual brands.

Whenever you visit our niche perfume store, you'll be able to browse our current special offers by navigating to our 'sale' section. However, because some offers are so popular they are often gone before you find out. Thus, if you really want to be the first to know when new deals are launched, we highly recommend to subscribe to our mailing list.

Beautinow is an online fragrance shop dedicated to offer you a wide selection of top niche perfume brands for both him and her. When you take a look at our navigation menu, you'll see that our fragrances are conveniently categorised by gender (men, women and unisex), by concentration (EDC, EDT, EDP etc) and by scent type. Whenever you visit one of the categories, all the fragrances inside are automatically sorted by popularity!

Our fragrances all come from the most loved perfumeries around the world. Examples of niche perfume brands include Mancera, Bortnikoff, Xerjoff and Frederic Malle.

At Beautinow you can pick your treasured fragrances at any price level. Whether you go for affordable bottles or super premium ones, Beautinow always offers you the most competitive price. Besides, there's no need to commit directly to a full bottle, as for many of our scents, we also offer perfume samples. If the packaging doesn't matter to you, then getting a perfume tester will be your preferred choice.