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    The Different Company Perfumes FAQ

    Established in 2000 by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena and Thierry de Baschmakoff in Paris, France, The Different Company is a luxury perfume house that continues to be a favorite among fragrance enthusiasts. The first independent niche perfume brand in the world, it has a pioneering influence and is hence celebrated for its innovation and forward outlook.

    Luc Gabriel, an owner and creative director of The Different Company, elaborated on his motivation behind joining this prestigious project.

    "Thierry was just launching The Different Company and it sort of clicked. Niche fragrances when niche did not exist, it was not in the market. I jumped on that train."

    The brand was launched with the purpose of encouraging boundless creativity in terms of scent combinations without compromising on quality.

    The Different Company’s best sellers include Pure Eve and Majaina Sin.

    The Different Company aims to bring a variety of contemporary and elegant fragrances to the market, all of which are rooted in unique ingredients and accords. The brand wants to highlight interesting blends that feel customized and personal. Without shifting their focus from complete creative freedom, they plan to bring high-quality, unique perfumes to the market that are made with the finest ingredients available, regardless of cost. By transforming the essence of Haute Parfumerie, the brand seeks to create "eternal olfactory compositions" for "authentic pleasure and emotion" with elegance and transparency.

    At The Different Company, the raw materials are viewed to have souls of their own because they affect the resulting perfume in surprising ways. The brand treats their perfumes as works of art, unique and free, capricious but agile. They want to capture beautiful natural scents with respect and sensitivity.

    The Different Company celebrates sensory pleasure with amazing perfumes captured in well-designed bottles, which are created by the world's most prestigious perfumers under art director Thierry de Baschmakoff. Perfumers who have collaborated and contributed include Alexandra Monet, Emilie Bevierre-Coppermann, Jean-Claude Ellena, Celine Ellena, Bertrand Duchaufour, Thierry de Baschmakoff, and Christine Nagel so far.

    One of the most interesting things about the fragrance house is that they employ multiple noses for multiple types of perfumes, which caters to people with wildly different tastes.