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    Room 1015 Perfumes FAQ

    Michael Partouche began his professional life in pharmacology, obtaining his doctorate degree and dealing with potions in the apothecary. As he began to rebel against this disciplined life, he found himself attracted to the world of psychedelic rock. Dr. Mike shifted to London for five years to engage more deeply with this chosen profession.

    When he finally came back to France to spend more time with his family, he discovered fragrance in the intersection between science and music. He commented on the same in an interview, saying:

    "With the band, we spent 5 amazing years, traveling, playing, recording, meeting the most inspiring people, living the dream with not a lot of money, but dream it was! When the band stopped, I founded Room 1015 ."

    The name of the brand was inspired by one of the most popular hotel rooms in the history of Rock n’ Roll music, Room 1015. It refers to a room at the Continental Hyatt Hotel in Los Angeles, which was also called Riot House.

    Popular Room 1015 fragrances include Cherry Punk and Electric Wood.

    Dr. Mike's fragrances are rooted in nostalgia. His aim is to create wild perfumes that will appeal to customers who want to live through a specific experience. He describes Room 1015 as the "Punk fanzine of perfumery or the olfactive counterculture." Once he comes up with an interesting story, he imagines how a fragrance would be able to convey that complexity.

    The perfumer's process reportedly begins with a mood board after which he discusses the idea with other perfumers. The brand is also committed to creating a song for their perfumes with artist Pat Dam Smyth.

    Room 1015, the renowned perfume house where harmonies and perfumery engage in a delicate dance, was founded by Michael Partouche. Artistic genius Partouche is a man of several talents. Pharmacology, music, storytelling and perfumery- he has done it all. With a French Phd in Pharmacology and a successful stint as a guitar player in London rock bands, Partouche has taken a unique approach to create vibrant, unforgettable fragrances with Europe's best and brightest perfumers. He describes his perfumery career as:

    "Treating the illness of 'anonymity' with powerful scented potions, bandaging vacant souls with perfumes featuring perfect accords, countering the effects of the passing time with indelible trails ."

    Many Room 1015 fragrances have been made in collaboration with famous perfumers like Amélie Bourgeois, Anne-Sophie Behaghel, Jérôme Epinette, Amelie Bourgeois, and Serge de Oliveira.