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    Francis Kurkdijan, the nose behind some of the most iconic fragrances in perfume history, founded his eponymous brand alongside Marc Chaya. Kurkdjian wanted to create a fragrance territory where sensual and delicate perfectionism could thrive without restrictions. The brand, as we know it today, offers a "multi-faceted landscape of olfactory free expression," honoring the French lifestyle at every step.

    As one of the most celebrated perfumers in the world, Francis Kurkdjian says:

    “My creations are an invitation to choose the scent that suits you daily because I like the idea that each woman and man can express a part of themselves through perfume.”

    Maison Francis Kurkdjian fragrances are created in adherence to the traditions of French perfumery, but they uphold a contemporary vision and stay true to the founders' dedication to timelessness.