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Lorenzo Villoresi Perfumes

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    Wild Lavender Eau de Toilette
    Lorenzo Villoresi
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    Lorenzo Villoresi Perfumes FAQ

    Lorenzo Villoresi's Journey through the Middle East allowed him to discover scents and essences that would always make their presence known in his sophisticated creations. His love for oriental accords like spices, amber, incense, resins, vanilla, sandalwood, and other aromatics became evident when he began formulating fragrances and potpourri after returning to Italy.

    After years of studying perfumery, experimenting with various raw materials, and learning about the technical aspects of fragrance creation, he founded the Lorenzo Villoresi perfume house in 1990. Over the years, he has found immense success. In an interview, Lorenzo elaborated on his motivation:

    "The world of perfumery, and in particular that of haute couture perfumery, has changed a lot in the past years. However, I created my own path and never followed fashions and trends, and I continue to follow my path as I have always done."

    The most popular fragrances by Lorenzo Villoresi include Teint de Niege, Yerbamate, and Uomo.

    Lorenzo Villoresi is reputed worldwide for their sophisticated blends, all of which are crafted with the highest-quality ingredients. The Maison embraces the charm and diversity of different cultures. They are rigorous when it comes to their production standards, which is why they still produce all their perfumes internally. In all their efforts, they strive for perfection and are constantly trying to improve their output.

    The hexagonal bottle of Lorenzo Villoresi has become an iconic symbol in the world of perfumery. They specialize in classical collections that have a touch of modernity. Every perfume bottle is made with expensive materials and hence feels like an item of personal luxury. The Maison does not intend to give up on its pursuit of beauty anytime soon, which comes through in the timeless materials they choose. According to their website:

    "The intrinsic value of the raw materials gives rise to the intangible identity of the Maison, made up of emotion, creativity, harmony, innovation, vision, authenticity and a constant pursuit for excellence."

    One of the most beloved Italian niche perfume brands in the world, Lorenzo Villoresi was founded in 1990 by perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi. He spent his childhood in the hills around Florence, which allowed him to connect with nature closely and have olfactory explorations. His curiosity and thirst for knowledge led him to pursue a degree in philosophy, after which he travelled to the Middle East with the intention of learning more about ancient cultures. This is where he truly ventured into the world of essences and perfumes.

    Lorenzo Villoresi founded his eponymous niche perfume brand in 1990. His childhood in Florence gave him the opportunity to develop a close bond with nature and explore different olfactory sensations. After completing a degree in philosophy, he traveled to the Middle East, where he finally delved deeper into perfumery. Upon acquainting himself with various scents and essences, Villoresi fell in love with oriental and aromatic accords like spices, incense, amber, resins, vanilla, and sandalwood.

    After years of studying perfumery and the technical aspects of fragrance creation, he created his own brand. Today, Lorenzo Villoresi Perfumes is renowned worldwide for its pursuit of beauty through sophisticated, high-quality blends.