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    Jul et Mad Paris is a fragrance brand created by Julien Blanchard and Madalina Stoica-Blanchard. The story of the couple—and the brand—began with a chance meeting at a Parisian sidewalk café. Their encounter on the café terrace marked the beginning of a great love story which became the inspiration for their exquisite fragrance collection. It is the combination of the two creative souls and their emphasis on sensuality in their creations that made Jul et Mad so distinguished and exceptional. The brand’s luxurious fragrance creations reflect the close bond between Julien and Madalina, their passions, and their love for one another. This was noticed in their first collection "Les White".

    According to the two perfumers, this fragrance collection took a lot of inspiration from their passions for music, art, history, and philosophy. The same applies for fragrances such as "Mon Seul Désir'' and "Fugit Amor" which were similarly successful as a result. "Bella Donna'', with its aroma, is intended to provide a "detour to a Renaissance painting and then to the sculpture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries." Jul et Mad fragrances are very noble and inspiring, which is due in part to their use of exquisite components, but mainly because of Julien and Madalina’s passion and love. Jul et Mad’s most iconic fragrances include Stairway to Heaven, Aqua Sexitus, Nin-Shar, Amour de Palazzo, Secrets du Paradis Rouge, and Terrasse a St-Germain.