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    Histoires de Parfums is a French perfume house founded by Gérald Ghislain in 2000. Histoires de Parfums have a unique and spontaneous view of the world of fragrances and aromas and this all stems from Ghislain.

    Ghislain is a distinguished man with unusual views, which are reflected in his fragrances. He looks at his creations from a literary point of view and himself as an author and storyteller. In his eyes, the collections of Histoires de Parfums are an olfactive library of scents with which stories and history come to life - similar to books through words. When he is creating his perfumes, Ghislain subverts our expectations of the classic olfactive families by including an unexpected component, to create a truly unique fragrance.

    Given Histoires de Parfums' philosophy, the names of their fragrances are hardly surprising. For example, there are names such as Jules Verne or Mona Lisa; Their “characters” collection for the most part simply bears a year as a name (1804, 1826, 1876, etc.). But just like the scents themselves, there is a deeper meaning, these are birth years of several historical figures such as George Sand, Jules Verne, Mata Hari, and etc. The mythical personalities of the past have been brought back to life by Gérald Ghislain, who has created a fragrance evoking each of them.

    Ghislain creates perfumes that have a long trail, are deeply temperamental, and extremely sensual. He beautifully encapsulates his creative process in this quote: "My perfumes have never been about a quest for the most beautiful scent, but always for the most beautiful emotion."

    Popular fragrances from Histoires de Parfums include 1899 Hemingway, 1725, 1740, and 1969.