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    If you're always supporting women owned business, then FRASSAÏ perfumes should absolutely interest you. In fact, FRASSAÏ is the very first perfumery in Argentina that's women-owned! This perfumery's fragrances represent journey's through different parts of the world. The fragrances are uplifting, unique and inspiring to wear.

    FRASSAÏ fragrances take wearers on an olfactive journey through South America and other parts of the world. Each concoction aims to uplift the senses and evoke a sense of harmony. Designed somewhere between Buenos Aires and New York, the fragrances are produced in small batches, in collaboration with talented, well-renowned noses. All the creations have their own specific purposes. The perfume house gives birth to sensory adventures that reveal the beauty of Argentina, its people, and its landscapes.

    FRASSAÏ is the first woman-owned niche perfume house from Argentina. Natalia Outeda, the founder of Frassaï, has been passionate about fragrance since she started working in the industry in 2005. Previously, she didn’t have a signature scent, but she became quite immersed in the world of perfumery once she was professionally associated with it. Looking at perfumes from behind the scenes helped broaden her ideas, which ultimately helped her come up with her own brand. Outeda was always intrigued by beautiful things, which helped her transition from the floral/restaurant industry to the fragrance industry. After being trained by one of the best restaurateurs and floral designers in New York and studying design at FIT, she began working at La Grenouille. The experience exposed her to a world of refinement and beauty that continues to inspire her.

    Outeda aims to awaken the wearer's senses with her creations. As a global citizen, she loves traveling and takes inspiration from different cultures. South America, and particularly Argentina, is still at the core of her creative spirit. She likes to share unusual places or stories from her culture through her perfumes. She wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the traditionally French industry. For Outeda, the biggest challenge is operating a global business from ‘the end of the world.' Not only is it more difficult to procure high-quality raw materials, but the concept of ‘haute perfumery’ is also new for locals. However, she is able to stay true to her vision, and the brand's motto is ‘choose your journey.'