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    2 products
    Fort&Manle Mr. Bojnokopff's Purple Hat Eau de Parfum
    Mr. Bojnokopff's Purple Hat Eau de Parfum
    Fort&Manle Impressions de Giverny Eau de Parfum
    Fort&Manle Impressions de Giverny Eau de Parfum
    Impressions de Giverny Eau de Parfum
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    Fort & Manlé Perfumes FAQ

    Fort & Manlé is a luxury niche perfumery offering premium, artisan fragrances. The fragrance house is founded by Rasei Fort with its first fragrance launched in 2015. Rasei blends artisanal oils and fine extracts to craft a balance what makes Fort & Manlé perfumes unique. Popular fragrances include Charlatan, Maduro, Bojnokopff, and Forty Thieves.

    Rasei references pop-culture, history, and a variety of other cultures around the world in his Fort & Manlé perfumes. He has even included elements of his own Turkish heritage into his perfumery. As he brings together the finest raw materials with his creative inspiration, he aims to capture the pomp of the ancient empires. His luxurious compositions juxtapose modernity with 'Old-World' sensibilities" quite successfully. Rasei wants to take the wearer on an unforgettable, olfactive journey to exotic locales with his recreation of authentic and vivid scents. The perfumer has said that he derives inspiration from different sources, and has even built a fragrance around a particular raw material.

    Fort & Manlé is one of the foremost luxury niche perfume houses in the world, and they aim to create high-quality handcrafted perfumes with the best raw materials available. Founded by the independent perfumer Rasei Fort, this brand has always created memorable fragrances that will captivate you. Rasei Fort has been successful in taking the process of scent creation to new heights as he captures beloved, treasured aromas in his modern, exciting compositions. Self-taught, Rasei conducts his own research and he is always meticulous in his methods. He combines artisanal oils with natural extracts to create unique Fort & Manlé fragrances that will stand the test of time.

    Rasei had been an avid collector before he started making perfumes of his own. He decided to experiment with creation himself to fuel his passion further. However, his hobby quickly turned into him mastering the art of perfumery. Once his friends and family started praising his perfumes and requesting bespoke perfumes, he realized that his creations could match up to the best of luxury brands. However, his primary goal before embarking on his journey was to collect the best raw materials. Initially, he struggled to find perfection, but now he is one of the most reputed perfumers in the world.