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    Ensar Oud Perfumes FAQ

    Ensar Oud founded his company in 2004, but its original name was Oriscent. His only goal was to create the purest, most complex, and most luxurious oud oils. The name of the perfume house was officially changed to “Ensar Oud” in 2012. As per Ensar, his fascination with oud can be traced back to “attending the mystical gatherings of the Sufis." He further elaborated on this in an interview:

    "They’d always have these little stalls at the ‘bazaar’ section, where all sorts of Sufi goods would be on offer, among them little greasy vials of oil called ‘oud’. Most of the nameless oils were obtained from nameless sources. But the scent had its mysterious appeal."

    Oud is the name given to the resinous wood of the Aquilaria tree, and its oil usually costs more than thirty-five thousand US dollars per kilogram. As the rarest and most sought-after aromatic on earth, oud has the ability to add soul-stirring depth to any perfume. Ensar Oud uses only the most exclusive oils and ingredients to ensure that they are multidimensional and unique.

    On his personal blog, Ensar Oud shares information about his trips to India, Burma, Borneo, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, and beyond. In his account of “Mission: Cambodi Kinam," he says: “Here I am, a New York Muslim convert, accompanied by a South African boer on a rubber tree farm run by an aspiring Buddhist monk, in Thailand, distilling 12.5 kilograms of incense-grade Cambodian Oud wood harvested over a span of two decades by a survivor of Pol Pot’s Reign of Terror.”

    Founded in 2004, Ensar Oud is among the world’s most renowned oud producers and perfume houses. Ensar has built quite the reputation for himself as someone who goes to the greatest lengths to source and secure the rarest and most precious perfume ingredients. He believes that every ingredient, no matter how small, has the ability to add multi-dimensionality to perfume. Ensar works with our producers from around the world, and is able to harness the strengths of each artisan. His pursuit of elevating his creations is constant.

    Ensar has studied the intoxicating aroma of oud oil thoroughly, which makes him one of the greatest collectors and connoisseurs in the world when it comes to oud. He has collaborated with distillers of every kind because is always looking to expand his knowledge. His artisanal oud oil is made under scrupulous supervision, and it is worth its weight in gold.