Montale/Mancera Sample set

Mancera Montale/Mancera Sample set

Montale/Mancera Sample set

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The Mancera house, who owns the Mancera and Montale fragrance lines, now offers you the unique opportunity to buy a sampler kit containing 5 samples of 2ml. You may choose one of the 5 combinations that we offer:

  • Combo 1: Roses Greedy + Aoud Vanille + Black Gold + Black Line + Cedrat Boise
  • Combo 2: Aoud Vanille + Black Gold+ Cedrat Boise + Intense rose musk+ Intense Cafe
  • Combo 3: Intense Cafe + Red Tobacco + Rose Aoud & Musc + Wind Wood + Wild Rose Aoud
  • Combo 4: Black to Black +Aoud Vanille + Gold Intensitive Aoud + Roses Greedy + Hindu Kush
  • Combo 5: Roses Vanille+ Cedrat Boise + Intense Tiare + Red Tobacco + Wild Rose

Depending on which combination you choose, the Mancera sample set may contain five of the following fragrances below. We've added the main accords of each fragrance, which we hope will allow you to make the best choice:

  • Aoud Orchid - Sweet, Vanilla, Woody, Coconut & Powdery
  • Aoud Vanille - Vanilla, Oud, Woody, Warm & Fresh Spicy
  • Black Gold - Lavender, Fresh Spicy, Woody, Aromatic, Powdery
  • Black Line - Woody, Rose, Warm Spicy & Patchouli
  • Cedrat Boise - Woody, Fruity, Citrus, Powdery & Aromatic
  • Black Aoud - Rose, Oud, Patchouli, Musky & Woody
  • Chocolate Greedy - Vanilla, Cacao, Warm Spicy, Sweet, Coffee
  • Intense Cafe - Rose, Vanilla, Coffee, Floral & Powdery
  • Red Tabacco - Warm Spicy, Tobacco, Woody, Sweet & Vanilla
  • Rose Aoud & Musc - Rose, Warm Spicy, Oud, Musky & Powdery
  • Roses Vanille - Vanilla, Rose, Sweet, Powdery & Musky
  • Wild Rose Aoud - Rose, Oud, Musky, Citrus & Floral
  • Black to Black - Rose, Warm Spicy, Oud, Leather & Woody
  • Gold Intensive Aoud - Woody, Rose, Musky, Citrus & Warm Spicy
  • Roses Greedy - Rose, Sweet, Musky & Fruity
  • Intense Roses Musk - Rose, Musky, Amber, Powdery, Floral
  • Wild Rose - Rose, Oud, Citrus, Musky, Floral, Powdery, Amber

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