Tester Perfume vs Original: What is a Tester Perfume?

what is a tester perfume

If you've been looking at some of the perfumes in our store, you may see an option to purchase a tester perfume bottle. On this page you'll learn about the meaning of a tester perfumes, how they are different from the original, why they exist, why they're more affordable, and when you should or should not buy one.

Perfume testers vs original: the price

Beautinow allows you to buy your favourite perfume at a lower price by buying a 'tester version' produced by the brands themselves. The main differences between perfume testers and original ones are the following:

tester perfume without cap no cap

  • Tester perfumes are offered in an outer carton box without cellophane or label, produced by the perfumeries themselves.
  • Tester perfumes sometimes do not come with a lid/cap.
  • The price of tester perfumes are lower than ones in original retail packaging.

what is a tester perfume generic packaging

Why do perfume testers exist?

Brands use perfume testers to:

  • present their fragrances to brand distributors. 
  • allow brand distributors such as perfume stores to offer customers the possibility to smell fragrances before they buy.

You may wonder, why do perfumeries not simply offer perfumes in original packaging, instead of tester packaging? The reason is simple, they do not want them to be resold. The goal of offering tester perfume is so that perfume stores can allow as many people as possible to try out the fragrances.

What's the best place to buy tester perfumes?

tester perfume for sale

Due to high demand, we at Beautinow purchases these testers in bulk from our extensive network of official brand reseller. Our tester perfumes are original, new, unopened, and unused.

At Beautinow, we are specialised in sourcing and offering the widest range of tester perfumes from both niche perfumeries and designer brands. You may discover our tester perfume for sale online. So, if you're looking at where to buy tester perfumes online, then you're at the right place.

Why should I buy a tester perfume?

If you do not care about the packaging and find the price very important, you should purchase tester perfumes for personal use. After all, the main benefit of purchasing a tester perfume is the lower price due to basic packaging.

When should I NOT buy a tester perfume?

When purchasing a fragrance as a gift for someone else, it would be better to purchase the perfume in regular retail packaging. Gifting a tester version may not be good practice, but it also depends on how well you know the receiver of the gift.

Are tester perfumes stronger?

Tester perfumes are the same as perfumes that come in original retail packaging. However, like with regular perfumes, there may be batch differences. There are perfume lovers claiming that tester bottles are always stronger to convince customers in store, who try them, to buy a full bottles. That's not our experience at Beautinow.


In conclusion, the primary reason as to why tester perfumes are cheaper is the differences in packaging. In the infographic below we've also summarised the differences so it's easy for you to share with other perfume lovers.

tester perfume infographic