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What our readers say

Your content is so informative, I virtually make all my purchase decisions based on your recommendations!

Jan van Oosten
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The educational content on your blog is amazing. As a newbee, I've learned so much about topics like how to apply perfume, layering combinations, and the different concentrations. Keep up the good work!

Jessica Dupont
Antwerp, Brussels

Long time customer here. Through your blog I've learned so much about the history behind fragrances. I look forward to your future publications regarding the origins of perfume.

Allessandro Rossi
Rome, Italy

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No, because we're currently an online only perfume blog, we currently do not offer samples. At Beautinow, we do provide a wide collection of fragrances with sample option. You may visit our samples page to discover what we can offer.

At this moment, our content is not available in PDF. However, we do consider to offer this in the future. Stay tuned!

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Perfume magazines and blogs offer an enriching knowledge for fragrance enthusiasts, as well as individuals who appreciate aesthetics, luxury, and glamor.

One of the primary reasons to read a perfume magazine is to stay informed about the latest developments and trends in the world of perfumery. As the industry continuos to evolve at a fast pace, new fragrances, designer collaborations, and technological advancements in fragrance formulation and delivery are steadily emerging. A perfume magazine provides insights into these changes, allowing readers to be at the forefront of the latest innovations and developments in the world of scents.

Another reason to regularly consume fragrance articles is to expand one’s olfactory knowledge. It features educational articles, interviews with industry professionals, and intriguing stories that delve into the art and science of creating scents. By reading these articles, readers can acquire the expertise and know-how to identify and appreciate the various notes, layers, and nuances that make up each unique fragrance. This heightened understanding of fragrances can enhance one’s ability to select and wear the perfect scent and contribute to a more refined personal style.

Fragrance magazines are also an excellent resource for learning about the history and cultural significance of fragrances. Scents have been a part of human culture for thousands of years, whether used for religious rituals, personal adornment, or aphrodisiac effects. Perfume magazines often contain articles that delve into this rich history, offering readers a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of fragrance and the role it continues to play in modern society.

Our publications are created based on the questions and curiousities of the community. We often get questions through email for advice on which perfume to choose. We also follow fragrance forums and social media sites, where we often observe perfume related questions. Based on these observations, we intensively research and publish articles that helps the community out there.