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    This London-based perfumery house was established in 1730 by Juan Famenius Floris and his wife, Elizabeth, to sell grooming products and fragrances. The original 89 Jermyn Street store is now the flagship store and is still managed by their descendants. At first, the perfumery sold grooming and shaving products as well as perfumes. Floris boasts a clientele filled with royalty, historical figures and celebrities which includes Florence Nightingale, Winston Churchill, and actress Marilyn Monroe.

    At a time when the world of perfumery was in its infancy, Floris released fragrances with its own recipes that were milestones in perfume fashion at the time, where many of which are still used today. Citrus fragrances were a big hit at the time and Floris invested heavily in refining and diversifying the citrus fragrance palette. Even today, a citrus base is a fundamental part of many Floris perfumes. It has four different ongoing collections, namely Men's fragrances, Women's fragrances, the Classic collection, and the Private collection. The brand continues to carry its older fragrances like Classic scents Limes (1832) and Stephanotis (1786). The newer offerings from the brand have been formulated for a modern customer base.

    The brand received a Royal Warrant in 1820 to be "Smooth Pointed Comb Maker" for King George IV. This was just the first in a series of opportunities for Floris to cater to royalty and historical figures. Florence Nightengale, Marilyn Monroe, and Winston Churchill are just a few of the brand's most famed clientele.

    In 1873, Mary Anne Floris and her husband James R. D. Bodenham took over the family business and subsequently expanded the family tree with their 16 children. The family line and the Floris tradition go hand in hand and now, the house founded by Elizabeth and Juan Famenias Floris is now run by the ninth generation Floris/Bodenham.

    Popular Floris fragrances include Honey Oud, Eau de Santal, Platinum 22, Cefiro, and A Rose For.